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You are about to enter one of my final project products, under the title of "Distance Learning via Internet" which is a part of my Master Thesis, for my Master of Science offered by Brunel University of Western London, held in the city of Esslingen, in TAE "Technische Akademie Esslingen" in Germany.

My Master Thesis has been in three parts; 1). An on-line help based learning environment, providing the first section of our first module: "Introduction to Data Communication Systems" together with multi-level help options, multiple choice questions and problem solving replies, on-line private and off-line chat rooms and etc. 2). Kovo Project, which is another user friendly authoring system designed for the purpose of the Kavo medical school in Bonn. This project is in form of CD-ROM. 3). My final project report which contains an overview about current commercially available distance learning systems in world and talk about the best possible one. I have described the foregoing two educational environment I have used, website design and CD-ROM based systems along with nice screenshots and so on.

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